How do we grow? 

We are a cheerful, professional and experienced team. Our main asset on the niche on which we operate is us - the Agora people. We are looking forward to growing and maintaining a "tip-top" team. We live up to our principles, we learn, we act, we are happy, we acknowledge when we make mistakes and we start over. We become better every day and we support each other. We take care of each other. We are open to new collaborations and we stay flexible. In our team we keep the same approach that we propose to our clients: steel structure, big heart, wide smile. We're friends. 

If you are looking for a job, collaboration or to simply meet us, check out our values. If you like what you found and you share our values (link to page values) we invite you to write us at We look forward to meeting you. 

Agora Internship Program®

The Agora Internship Program® is our preferred recruitment method. Annually we open an internship program that takes place over a period of three months. An internship at Agora Consulting does not entailmaking coffee, neither fetching stuff. We invest time and energy into all of our interns, therefore we are "picky". During the internship interns develop real management or specialist skills, depending on project assigned. We see our internship program as a nursery where we grow excellent people. 

If there is compatibility between your values and ours, we invite you to write us at We look forward to meeting you.

Agora Consulting

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