• Shape your people.

  • Allow you people to have a healthy start.


What is Agora Induction Program®?

What are the means which allow us to train quality people with positive impact in the organization? The onboarding process - what we call - induction. In the induction process organizations achieve two of their goals: first, to make available a system in which employees assimilate technical knowledge and second, to position correctly the relationship employer - employee.

How does the process of induction work?

Why do we recommend the induction process?

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  • Surround yourself by motivated and trustworthy people

  • People build organizations.


How do we see recruitment?

We are aware that recruitment cannot 100% guarantee the results and performance of employees. We can guarantee, however, that you have in us a partner who cares about employers, which presents 100% honestly all the risks associated with a man recruited. Our recruiting team combines the advantages of standard recruitment methods with the insights offered by the industry experience.

What are the steps in the recruitment process?

What are the benefits in collaborating with us?

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