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Microsoft Excel trainings

How does the Agora Excel Training® look like?

We are all good and hardworking people. But we the right tools we become spectacular! Practical knowledge of Microsoft Excel can often make a great difference in a day of work. The ability to use a spreadsheet is frequently an essential skill in getting a job, keeping a job or for reaching top performance. We built our courses in order to make people work faster, smarter, better. Excel courses we save time and energy. 100% measurable.

How does the Agora Excel Training ® unfold?

What are the benefits?

Agora Excel – Beginner Training ®

Agora Excel – Advanced Training ® 

Beginners Training – List of Excel functions
Advanced Training– List of Excel functions

More:  http://agoraconsulting.wix.com/cursuri-excel-cluj

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