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Dragos Birlea, Founding Partner

Dragos Birlea


Successful projects:

DragosBirlea has over 12 years of experience in the fields of management consulting and human resource development. As CEO, Dragos has transformed companies in several business sectors. He has managerial expertise in areas such as automotive, manufacturing, distribution and professional services. As a management consultant, he led restructuring processes that have added value to business enterprises, putting them on an upward trend. Most of the companies that he worked with until now have kept the entire system or parts of the management system that was built at the time of collaboration. As a coach, Dragos is working with leaders and top managers that want to discover their talents, nurture them and then put them in the service of others.

As an entrepreneur, Dragos founded several companies in the field of consulting services and IT. He is the founder and co-founder of such projects as and  Currently, he is working on a new start-up in the domain of mobile apps. Meanwhile, he is developing a very dear project, by leading several coaching groups in which participants follow a journey of discovery and restoration of their identity and true self. Dragos was formed in military high school and the Military Academy; he graduated the Faculty of European Studies at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and has a Masters in Human Resources from the same university. 

Fun facts: he runs with his head, he travels a lot and in his opinion we always "we need a concept."

Mihaly Vajda, Senior HR Consultant

Mihaly Vajda


Succesfull projects

Mihaly is leading the recruitment activity of Agora Consulting. He joined the company in 2006 and has extensive experience in recruitment processes for both management positions and technical positions. His areas of expertise are: medical, IT and production. Mihaly recruited the operational and the management teams for start-ups and greenfield investments in Romania. Mihaly leads the organizational diagnosis processes for medium and large companies. All results compiled by Mihaly from these organizational diagnostics are used extensively in the development of business transformation strategies and human resource transformations.

In recent years Mihaly led a successful activity in the development of the business, all the while building partnerships with national and international collaborators. His skills in human resources are coupled with a vast experience in the area of business development, including his experience as a partner in Mihaly graduated in Psychology and Educational Sciences at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca and has a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the Faculty of European Studies at the same University.

Fun facts: he's the team critic, he beats us at chess, and he sometimes reminds us that he “appreciates” us.

Ana Moldovan, Business Transformation Consultant

Ana Moldovan


Successful Projects

Within the company, Ana manages the projects that involve the analysis and construction of organizational strategies. She is the owner of everything related to the vision, mission, values and the long-term orientation of the business. In recent years she has been responsible for building and supervising various transformation processes for our clients. On a managerial level she is responsible with introducing simple management systems in the organizations but also systems that are custom tailored to their internal needs. Ana offers advice for implementing these systems but also supports the development of management skills of employees on low or top management positions. She developed and oversaw the management training process with excellent results, and has managed to fully internalize the staff onboarding process in the cases where the goal of the company was to have a 100% in-house process.

She is also involved in Agora Consulting’s startup projects where she is focused on all strategic and conceptual aspects, but also in the Gimini project which we started in 2013. Ana has graduated from the Faculty of European Studies at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj and has a MSc in International Managerial Economics from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Fun facts: she makes good cocktails, she often writes “clinets” and you would be wrong to say that she gets upset when we play “The Settlers of Catan”

Mihai Babici, Business Transformation Coordinator

Mihai Babici


Successful Projects

Mihai excels at recruiting, training and supervising the Business Transformation Officers (BTO’s) in partner organizations. So far he has trained and supervised 20 entry-level positions that have come to transform our partners’ organizations at a national level. The largest team of Business Transformation Officers had eight active members in eight locations of the same organization. Mihai manages the construction and implementation of operational sales budgets. He also provides consultancy for the construction and supervision of business processes in order to achieve budget execution. In his projects he manages to increase the engagement level in sales teams, mainly by increasing the quality of the commercial team’s management.

During the diagnosys process, Mihai runs process analysis and employee productivity analysis that help us identify the sources for waste in organizations. As a result, the work processes within the company are being improved and waste is gradually eliminated. Mihai has graduated from the Faculty of Economical Sciences at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and has a Masters degree in Local Finance Management from the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences in Cluj and from the University of Michigan.

Fun Facts: he is the funny guy, he’s usually the handy man and he likes to reply “I’m glad you’re smart …” 

Ana Vlad, UX Designer

Ana Vlad


Successful projects

Ana is part of the mobile app development team. She is the connection between the concept and the technical teams through the wireframe construction process. Her tasks involve generating screens that transform the technical specifications into visual images, attending meetings with the concept team in order to evaluate intermediate results and implement changes in a timely manner. A good part her work is allocated for research and business analysis on similar projects. Ana started working in the company following a 3-month internship. In this project she helped the team to develop a coaching system that is still being used. Her work on the project resulted in a set of templates and working tools.

Ana is passionate about the online environment and political science. She’s a proficient English speaker and has a strong set of soft skills that she developed through the projects undertaken by the company but also by participating in other activities (courses, summer schools). She graduated from the Faculty of European Studies at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj and has a Master degree in Performance Management from the same university.

Fun facts: she puffs, she’s an internet savvy and speaks Japanese (!?)

Andrei Groza, Recruiter

Andrei Groza


Successful Projects

Andrei handles recruitment projects for our internal customers and has full responsibility over his recruitment and selection processes.Andrei had an upward trajectory within our company and it all started two years ago when he worked as Business Transformation Officer for a group of companies from Cluj-Napoca. This gave him the opportunity to implement management projects involving all hierarchical levels. Within the same project, Andrew was project coordinator for the analysis of work processes and procedures and was responsible with process improvement.

Andrei has hands-on project management experience, being involved in organizing events and volunteering actions as part of the Business Students Organization of Cluj-Napoca. He is an active member in our Gimini Workshops groups, being 100% percent involved in building and growing the Gimini community. He has a degree from the Faculty of Business, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca.

Fun facts: he has a rabbit, he calls for coffees and he knows someone, who knows someone, who... anything you might need

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