Vision and Mission

We are a team of specialists in the field of strategic management. In our relationships with our partners we act as a "doctor of the house" offering them the support to become a better version of themselves. Assuming they are committed to change, we want, we know, we can and we will make them act, as companies or individuals, at their maximum potential.

What is our vision?

We believe in a world defined by harmony and abundance, with people who are happy, competent and genuine. We see both people and companies as a balanced combination of a steel structure, a big heart and a wide smile.

The Steel Structure

We are architects that build stable, predictable and sustainable systems. Within organizations we build structures that rely on simple solutions even for complex situations. Our experience has already shown us what works and what doesn’t, therefore we don’t make compromises.

The Big Heart 

Organizations are living organisms. In all our interactions we are warm and friendly. We are true professionals but we prefer to be true and honest at the expense of etiquette. We speak everyone’s language.

The Large Smile

We aim at being happy today and every day, with the belief that what we do today is what becomes of us tomorrow. We are happy when our customers are happy. Our success is generated by their success.

What is our mission?

How do we get to live in the world we believe in? We direct our talent and expertise to those with whom we work. We are partners in good weather and bad weather and a well done job for us is more important than the money. We work with a competent team which has a 360-degree perspective on business. We have been in both: the client’s position and the position of the consultant, as a matter of fact we know of all the challenges that organizations face, operational, as well as managerial.

What we won’t do?

Agora Consulting

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